Meet the Canadian Federal Executive Services Leadership Team

Author(s): Matthew Bourne, Alaisdar Graham, Graham Price, Benoit Proulx

Meet Your Dedicated Canadian Public Sector Federal Government Leadership Team

Our ambition is to ensure that our members in the Canadian public sector receive exceptional value from their investment in their Info-Tech membership! We do that by providing material support across key IT initiatives and personal benefits in the form of professional development coaching, peer networking, and career advancement as members build an Exponential IT Mindset and embrace secured and trusted autonomization in the Canadian Public Sector.

Our team combines deep experience in the Canadian public sector with exhaustive knowledge of Info-Tech’s industry-leading frameworks, products, and services. They help you get the most out of your membership by creating a flexible plan for using our research and advisory services to deliver your key initiatives and solve the problems you face.

Matt Bourne, Managing Partner, Canadian Public Sector

Partnering with our members to provide practical, outcomes-oriented solutions to today’s complicated challenges is the most rewarding part of my career. Doing so with the backing of an innovative, made-in-Canada research and advisory organization and team – on topics that matter with Canadian federal public sector professionals – makes this journey even more special.

Alaisdar Graham – Executive Counselor

My passion is working with IT leaders to help them solve their technology challenges and build high-performing teams. This passion has been derived from helping governments, companies, and people around the world in various IT leadership positions. My goal is to provide those I counsel with an enjoyable experience through building trusted advisor relationships, creating realizable business benefits, and driving continuous improvement through exceptional delivery.

Graham Price – Executive Counselor

My experience spans both public and private industry sectors, with the most rewarding experiences being those where I have shared my experience and knowledge to help people go beyond managing transformational changes in their working environment to facilitate the change needed to adapt and adopt new technologies and industry best practices. My role at Info-Tech enables me to continue to share my experience and knowledge, supported by an incredible organization of thought leaders across all areas of information technology and management.

Benoit Proulx – Executive Advisor and Research Specialist

I served in the Canadian military for more than 35 years before transitioning to the Canadian federal public service in senior roles in information technology sector. There is nothing I enjoy more than continuously learning how to transform IT operations with business imperatives and helping others realize the benefits of technology. French is my first language, which helps me ensure nothing is lost in translation for our members in Québec.

Nor are we alone! Canada literally means it takes a village. Info-Tech has built our presence across Canada, including in our nation’s capital, Ottawa, serving many government organizations.

How we help our members succeed

The Canadian Public Sector Team provides practical, actionable research and advice that guides Business and Technology leaders on delivery of organizational, team, and personal initiatives by leveraging Info-Tech’s core products:

Key Initiative Plans

In-Depth Research Centers

Comprehensive, Connected Blueprints

Actionable Diagnostic-Driven Insights

Consulting Quality Deliverables

The Canadian Public Sector team builds and maintains a custom, evergreen plan for how to leverage our research and advisory services to accelerate the delivery of your key initiatives.

Provide members with one stop for all the blueprints related to key IT practice areas and topics to help you go even deeper on initiatives that matter to you.

Leverage unlimited independent and analyst-guided access to our detailed, step-by-step guides and production-ready templates that accelerate the delivery of your key initiatives.

Our diagnostics team produces industry benchmark backed assessments of your organization to help you to target the right initiatives and assess improvements
over time.

We do more than talk. We roll up our sleeves and create consulting quality deliverables for all our advisory, executive, concierge, workshops, and consulting services.

When you look beyond Info-Tech's mantra of better research you’ll quickly see exactly what we mean. Every publication is a practical, research-backed guide supported by actionable advice on how to overcome the challenges technology leaders face today. In a time when the government cannot afford to go slow, informed decision making at speed is critical. The Canadian Public Sector team combines a deep knowledge of how you can leverage Info-Tech’s practical, actionable approach to research and advisory services with extensive experience as technology leaders in Federal government. Our mission is to help you rapidly make data-driven decisions backed by robust research that empowers you to deliver exceptional government services through technology.

Our perspective on the current state of Digital Government in Canada

Our mission is driven by the need for continuous innovation in government programs and service delivery. The pandemic drove unprecedented demand for digital services, and Canadians now expect more and better from government – escalating the need for the federal government to tackle its growing technical debt and driving forward with structured, continual enterprise modernization. Universal digital identity is just the first step in redefining how governments in Canada leverage technology as an integral part of a transformation of the experiences of businesses, citizens, and our global partners. Harmonization and synthesis of how enterprise services are delivered, maintained, and renewed is a key area of focus for the Canadian federal government. Artificial intelligence is rapidly seen as an catalyst, but we see the need for Canadian Public Sector IT leaders to adopt an Exponential IT Mindset. We’re here to help them embrace radical transformation in IT’s mission, governance, autonomization of core Business and IT capabilities and change how we partner with the community, vendors, and government leaders. Four major priorities have emerged in our work with Canadian IT leaders:

Unlock Exponential IT Capabilities

Embrace Autonomization of Government Services

Go beyond a digital strategy to lead the business of government with autonomous AI-powered solutions and vendor relationships that create seamless experiences across channels for the community. See more in our

Digital Transformation Research Center

Artificial Intelligence Research Center

Unlock the Potential of Adaptive Delivery

Implement adaptive governance, agile portfolio and project management, product ownership, and business relationship management to drive exceptional experiences for the community and the organization. See more in our
Product Lifecycle Management Research Center

Differentiate With the Power of Data

Bring together data strategy, governance, architecture, management, and data literacy to unleash the power of data in your organization. Accelerate your journey with our

Data and Analytics Research Center

Build a Robust Information Security Practice

Build a robust security practice based on a holistic strategy based on zero trust, a team with the right capability and capacity, and insurance against incidents with our

Security Research Center

Build Foundational IT Capabilities

Canadian Public Sector Research Resources

Info-Tech is well known for our practical, actionable blueprints and templates. We also have a rich body of content focused on government and the Canadian public sector that will accelerate your key initiatives. Here are some examples of how you can make the most of your membership by leveraging Info-Tech’s resources to achieve your priorities:

Canadian Public Sector Research Resources

Public Sector Industry Resources for Federal Government

Exploring Opportunities for Acceleration from the Office of the Auditor General of Canada’s 2023 Report No. 7: Modernizing Information Technology Systems

A Call to Action: The Government of Canada Updates its Data Strategy for the Federal Public Service and Raises the Bar for Leveraging Data

Implement AI Use Cases Rapidly for the Public Sector

Business as Unusual: Successfully Coping with the IT Impacts of 2023 Canadian Federal Government Strike

Budget 2022: Support for Canadian Federal Government Departments and Agencies for Cybersecurity and Fighting Misinformation

Digital Transformation and Enterprise Portfolio Management in the Canadian Public Sector

One Size Does Not Fit All: Hybrid work is here to stay; how you can turn this from a temporary measure into a long-term strategy

Tech Trends Insights Every Canadian Public Sector IT Leader Needs to Succeed in 2023

An Economic Downturn Looms. How Should Government I&IT Leaders Respond?

Reduce IT Risk Exposure in the Canadian Public Sector

The Canadian Government Labor Market: Competing for Scarce Resources in a Highly Competitive, High-Demand, and Low-Supply Environment

Lead Change in the Public Sector With Focus, Positivity, and Passion

Gov 2.0: Government as a Platform
Build an IT Strategy for Small and Midsize Canadian Federal Government Organizations
Improving Social and Economic Outcomes: The Value of Data Quality at the Federal Level
Identity the Impact of Technical Debt on Government Department/Agency IT Operations
Federal Government Cybersecurity Report

Industry Reference Architecture for Federal Government

Addressing the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage in Government

Federal Government IT Management & Governance Benchmarking Report

Federal Government IT Strategy Initiatives

Federal Government Human Resources Management Systems Report

Federal Government IT Workforce Report

Federal Government IT Staffing Benchmarking Report

Federal Government Security Monitoring Report

Federal Government IT Stakeholder Satisfaction Benchmarking Report

Federal Government Cloud Services Report

Federal Government Cloud Report

Our Take

The Canadian Federal Public Sector Team is here to help our members in the Canadian federal government create exceptional social, environmental, and economic outcomes for the places where we live, work, and play. We’re also always looking for people who want to make a difference to join the team or contribute to building better research than anyone else has for the Canadian public sector. If you’re a federal management and IT leader who’s looking to help your colleagues drive exponential IT in Canada our supporting team would love to hear from you!

Patrick Spencer, Public Sector Research Practice Lead

(Ottawa, ON)

Patrick is driven by a passion for quality and creating a product that helps leaders overcome the real problems they are facing in the Canadian Public Sector. His team is always looking for input from IT leaders to drive better research.

You can help by joining our research board!

Natalia Zaslavsky, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

(Toronto, ON)

Natalia loves to connect with prospective thought leaders and Executive Counselors to share richer insights about Info-Tech and exciting opportunities that might be a great fit for them. You can apply for one of our open positions here or connect with her for an introductory conversation about how you might be able to help make a difference by email at nzaslavsky [at]

Cole Cioran, Managing Partner – Canadian Public Sector

(Toronto, ON)

Cole and the rest of the Provincial and Municipal executive services team are focused on driving the best possible outcomes for Provincial and Municipal Government members. He partners with the Federal team to ensure we have a comprehensive and connected approach to serving our members across all levels of government in Canada.

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