Following up their powerful Big Brother inspired Superbowl commercial, Apple has released the Apple 2e, a lower cost, more powerful machine using newer chips to reduce component count while adding new features.

The Apple 2e features the ability to display BOTH upper and lower case letters at the same time.

A standard 64kilobytes of RAM gives you plenty of power for most modern applications.

The Auxiliary slot can support an add on board that extends the display to 80 columns.

An additional add on board can increase the RAM to 128kilobytes

Compared to IBM's recently launched AT's, the build quality of the Apple 2e is far superior with none of the reported hard drive issues reported by big blue's customers cropping up.

This April Fool's video recommends that enterprises looking for reliable computing horsepower at an affordable cost should consider the Apple 2e.

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Published: April 1, 2011
Last Revised: April 1, 2011


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  • Missing comment
    Michael Morgan | 04-01-2011

    I think I still have a few of these kicking around...ned any parts?

  • 07653f1d9f607644cc2380009eed3d13 comment
    Matt | 04-01-2011

    I can't wait to report on what Apple brings out next!!!

  • Missing comment
    Ronald Reagan | 04-01-2011

    Was discussing the 2e the other day because we had them in our computer lab in middle school. It kinda still blows my mind the a smart phone or a calculator has more computing power than that whole room full of computers did.

  • Missing comment
    James McCormick | 04-01-2011

    Gotta Love the i-PAD in front of the 2e

  • Missing comment
    Tom Conner | 04-01-2011

    I had one of these (2e) when I was a kid and made a program that flashed blocks up on the screen. It was totally RAD.

  • Missing comment
    Mike Morley | 04-01-2011

    Excellent! I learned programming on a //e - I recently hooked it up to the internet with an Uthernet card for fun..
    Here's a shot of my blog as rendered by a //e web browser...

  • Da3ddf56f71384775d1c6111066c947a comment
    Janice | 04-01-2011

    Totally outrad man... Can't wait to gets me one


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