Identify and Reduce Agile Contract Risk – Executive Brief

Author(s): Phil Bode

Agile's popularity continues to increase throughout the world. However, CIOs and IT departments still face many obstacles when it comes to adoption. Read this Executive Brief to:

  • Understand how Agile contracts require some distinct provisions to protect customer organizations.
  • Learn some of the pitfalls customers fall prey to regarding vendors professing to be Agile vendors.
  • Understand Info-Tech's methodology and approach to the reviewing Agile contracts and how it can help you improve your Agile contracts.

Remember: The use of Agile buzzwords in a contract does not by itself make it an Agile contract.

View the Complete Blueprint:

Identify and Reduce Agile Contract Risk

Discover the differences between Agile and non-Agile contracts and how to protect yourself.

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