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The Next Normal – Your Hybrid Workplace

Even as many organizations facilitate a Return to the Workplace, remote work is here to stay. Your new challenge: enable a hybrid workplace, with some employees in the office and others at home.

What we accept as normal today and tomorrow may not be normal a year from now. Build a planned, integrated, and supported program to ensure that hybrid work is sustainable in the new normal — and the next normal too.

I need to address gaps in remote work capabilities.

IT can’t support remote work alone. Collaborate with your colleagues in HR and across the business to identify and act on lessons learned about remote work during the pandemic.

Use the Work-From-Anywhere Capability Assessment to jump-start your review.

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Optimize Remote Work​

Create an IT-led strategy to support work-from-anywhere from the IT perspective.

Strengthen the foundations of collaboration tools, app access, file access, network access, and endpoint standards.

Provide employees with tips to create a healthy and safe workspace at home.

Develop a flexible work program that balances employer and employee needs on a range of flexible work options: location of work, working hours, job sharing, and more.

Employee safety comes first. Provide employees with these tips to ensure their home workspace is safe.

Rethink Technology Solutions

Network traffic patterns, device requirements, and security threats will change as employees are able to work both onsite and from home. ​

Use this research to address technology challenges ranging from desk hoteling to modernizing your network.

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Rethink Technology Solutions

What you need to know regarding facilities, IT infrastructure, maintenance, security, and vendor solutions for desk hoteling and hot-desking.

Create a goals-based, enforceable policy suite for BYOD and mobile device entitlements.

Simplify device management by aligning practices for laptops, phones, BYOD, and everything in between.

Follow these best practices to govern, configure, manage, and use Microsoft Teams more effectively.

Identify key security components for the cloud, building on the framework of Info-Tech’s security strategy model.

Define your organizational goals; implement controls for OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint; create acceptable use policies; and communicate the results of your endeavor.

Develop a modern network solution that can support new use cases and deliver stable and reliable service in the face of rapidly changing capacity requirements.

Define policies and document-handling standards, establish a steering committee, and review technologies that can enable effective analysis, control, and security for your sensitive data.

End users are demanding improvements to virtual meetings and collaboration tools.

Employees working from home don't want to go back to being the third wheel in project meetings.

Start with our research to Run Better Meetings, whether the meeting is in-person, remote, or hybrid.

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Enable Effective Collaboration

Develop norms, practices, and supporting technologies that enable effective collaboration, whether the meeting is in-person, remote, or hybrid.

Deliver a streamlined set of tools that users need with support and training that continues after deployment.

This note outlines Info-Tech’s Three C’s of Enterprise Collaboration framework to help buyers effectively navigate the collaboration software marketspace.

Create an online community that supports participant-led knowledge sharing.

Browse detailed user reviews of team collaboration software solutions that enable voice, video, chat, and fileshare over public and private networks.

Look to section two of this research for advice on common end-user use cases in this ubiquitous collaboration platform.

An HR-led approach to create and implement targeted solutions for collaboration throughout the organization.

Maximize effective communication in hybrid and remote teams by providing them with a template to document communication expectations and guidelines.

A catalog of ideas to support informal virtual communication for remote workers, for a variety of needs, and across a range of technologies.

The role of people leaders is particularly important to the success of hybrid work.

Hybrid work at this scale is new and will take time to finesse.​

Use the research and tools in this section to lead effectively, promote teamwork, and foster connection in a hybrid environment.

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Support Managers Leading Hybrid Teams

Implement the four critical factors required for all high-performing teams, addressing unique challenges faced by IT.

Provide managers with a quick refresher on key aspects of effectively managing direct reports in a hybrid environment.

Conduct customizable management training sessions on managing remote teams.

A program for every IT leader who is accountable for managing employees through times of uncertainty that have the potential for derailing productivity and engagement.

Set hybrid work up for success by providing managers with the tools they need to lead within the new work model.

Help managers with poorly performing employees identify the root cause of performance issues and connect employees with needed support in the context of remote work during the pandemic.

An onboarding checklist for managers welcoming a new remote worker to their team.

Help managers keep their team’s traditions alive in a hybrid environment to sustain culture and support team bonding.

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