Analyze Your Service Desk Ticket Data – Phases 1-3

Avoid the pains of ticket analysis by standardizing your ticket data and ticket data analysis to improve service desk processes.

Staff the Service Desk to Meet Demand – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you measure and track your workload and ticket trends over time to determine the best approach to optimize your service desk staffing to meet demand.

Accelerate your Automation Processes – Phases 1-2

Navigating your way through various automation tools can be a difficult challenge. Choosing the right project according to business needs is essential for IT to provide...

Manage Active Directory in the Service Desk – Phases 1-2

​Manage your Active Directory from the service desk by controlling provisioning, updating, and deprovisioning resources with clean data. Juggle proper security oversight...

IT Service Management Selection Guide – Phases 1-2

Use this blueprint to build your business case and define requirements to find an ITSM solution to meet your immediate and future needs.

Incident Management for Small Enterprise – Phases 1-3

Responding and recovering quickly from unplanned incidents is a critical path to become a trusted partner for the business. This storyboard will walk you through the...

Build a Chatbot Proof of Concept – Phases 1-3

Lay the groundwork for a successful chatbot proof of concept while keeping business goals up front by implementing the proper metrics, gathering requirements for chatbot...

Deliver a Customer Service Training Program to Your IT Department Storyboard

This project includes advice for managers on how to successfully deliver training and how to embed the habits afterward. It also directs managers on how to use...

Service Desk Future Trends Storyboard

Read through this mini-blueprint to learn the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on service desk operations and the key initiatives to facilitate help desk agent work and...

Standardize the Service Desk – Phases 1-4

Use this project blueprint to build and improve essential service desk processes, including incident management, request fulfillment, and knowledge management.
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