Data Center & Facilities Optimization - Templates & Policies

Cloud Cost Management Policy

Document your cloud cost management policies.

Cloud Cost Glossary of Terms

Define cloud cost management terms.

Cloud Cost Management Task List

Document owners, timelines, and next steps to improve your cloud cost management capabilities.

Commitment Purchasing Workflow

Document your workflow for purchasing commitment discounts.

Right-Sizing Workflow

Document your process for right-sizing.

Service Cost Cheat Sheet

Document cost factors by cloud service.

Infrastructure Service RFP Template

Use the prefilled examples in this RFP template to procure a variety of infrastructure outsourcing services.

Database Consolidation Issue Resolution Template

Document issues encountered while consolidating or upgrading your database environment so you can avoid similar issues in future projects.

Database Consolidation Opportunity Assessment Template

Use this concise template to scope your database consolidation or upgrade project, assign roles, and identify risks and mitigation strategies.

Database Optimization Executive Presentation Template

Communicate outcomes and successes to your stakeholders after consolidating or upgrading your database environment.
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