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Although this RFP can be widely customized for a variety of services, the prefilled examples of this RFP relate to the following infrastructure outsourcing services:

  • Co-location/Hosting
  • Technical and Managed Services
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service Capabilities
  • Security and Privacy Capabilities
  • Resiliency and Recovery Capabilities
  • Engagement Methodology
  • Vendor Qualifications and References Requirements

Follow the activities in the project blueprint, Effectively Acquire Infrastructure Services, as reference:

Step 1: Insert the purpose and goals of acquiring your service, using the first activity in the project blueprint, Effectively Acquire Infrastructure Services, as reference.

Step 2: Insert the timeline you developed for the RFP issue and award process.

Step 3: Indicate whether this will be a winner-takes-all type of RFP or whether it will be a two-stage RFP process.

Step 4: Insert information about how you will address vendor questions and what the schedule of events are.

Step 5: Modify Section 5 – Scope of work, specifications, requirements, and service requirements – to reflect the scope of your infrastructure outsourcing services acquisition.

Use this template in conjunction with Info-Tech's Infrastructure Outsourcing RFP Scoring Tool.

View the Complete Blueprint:

Effectively Acquire Infrastructure Services

Acquiring a service is like buying an experience. Don’t confuse the simplicity of buying hardware with buying an experience.

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