Infrastructure & Operations

Infinidat Promises Storage Bigger, Faster, Cheaper

Want large quantities of high-performance storage at a fraction of the usual cost? That’s what Infinidat is promising its customers.

Configuration Management Executive Presentation

Use this template to tell the business how you intend to harness configuration management superpowers.

Hyperconvergence for the SMB

Cost-constrained organizations with modest virtual server infrastructures (under 30 VMs) are baulking at the cost of hyperconverged infrastructure. There are SMB HCI...

Apple Rushes to Fix Zoom Security Flaw

Apple has delivered a silent update to Macs, rectifying a security flaw in its Zoom web-conferencing service.

Veeam Still Running Strong in the Enterprise and Cloud Backup Markets

Veeam is still running strong in the enterprise and cloud backup markets two business quarters into its 2019 fiscal year. Veeam has announced its second quarter results...

Provisioning Servers for Serverless Computing – What?

Serverless computing is already a confusing term. It gets more confusing when you start hearing about serverless functions on the servers on your private cloud....

Build a Service Support Strategy – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why a service support strategy is critical to focus your function on organizational needs.

Cloud Vision Presentation Template

Use this template to document and present your cloud vision.

Increase Support of Tier 2 and Tier 3 – Phase 2: Shift the Culture

This phase of the blueprint, Increase Support of Tier 2 and Tier 3, will help you develop the building blocks to increase team efficacy by reducing resistance, enabling...

Reimagine IT Operations for a Cloud-First World – Phase 2: Outline Prerequisites for Changes to Operations

This phase of the blueprint, Reimagine IT Operations for a Cloud-First World, will help you finalize organizational changes to support cloud services and develop a...
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