I&O Process Management - Templates & Policies

Reduce Shadow IT with a Service Request Catalog Communications Template

Use this template to create a presentation and communications plan for launching the new service and service request catalog.

Change Management Standard Operating Procedure

This template is designed to give organizations a defined set of standards and guidelines to conduct their change management practice effectively.

Continual Improvement Workflow

This is a sample workflow that you can use as a starting point for building a process for continual improvement.

Configuration Management Project Charter

Use this template to create a project charter to launch the configuration management project.

Configuration Management Diagram Template Library

Use this library to view sample workflows and a data model for the configuration management program.

Configuration Management Policy

Use this template to build a policy for the configuration management program.

Use Cases and Data Worksheet

Use this template to determine data requirements to meet use cases.

Configuration Control Board Charter

Use this template to create your board charter for your configuration control board (CCB). Define roles and responsibilities and mandates for the CCB.

Configuration Management Standard Operation Procedures

Use this template to create and communicate your standard operating procedures (SOP) to ensure ongoing maintenance of the CMDB under the configuration management program.

Incident Management and Service Desk SOP

Use this template to record the key details required for effective critical incident management, including a list of critical IT services, a list of key upper tier...
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