I&O Process Management - Templates & Policies

SAM FAQ Template

This template contains sample answers to anticipated questions about the software asset management program.

Release Management Standard Operating Procedure

The release and deployment standard operating procedure (SOP) should be used to establish and document a formal release and deployment management process at your...

Release Management Policy

Use this policy template to define and support your organization's release and patch management program.

Release Management Workflow Library

This workflow library will help your team walk through the release management lifecycle and map out what happens at each stage.

Release Management Deployment Tracker

Use the Release Management Deployment Tracker to standardize the release and deployment schedule and ensure the appropriate information is documented effectively each...

Release Management Build Procedure Template

The Build Procedure Template is an outline for you to document the steps for software and hardware builds, enabling technical teams to install it the same way each time.

Equipment Loan Process

Define the way you fulfill equipment loan requests. This template includes workflows for request, delivery, and user receiving.

Equipment Loan Request Form

This form can be used by employees to request loaner equipment.

Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Internet usage is both a necessary tool and a potential distraction and security risk. With capabilities of the Internet and users advancing daily, it is important for...

IT Automation Presentation

Use this template to communicate the outcome of your IT automation project.
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