IT Chargeback Kick-Off Presentation

Use Info-Tech’s IT Chargeback Kick-Off Presentation to educate business unit leaders and C-level executives on IT chargeback at a high level.

Drive Organizational Change from the PMO – Phase 5: Solidify the PMO's Role as Change Leader

Use this phase of the blueprint, Drive Organizational Change from the PMO, to institute an OCM playbook through the PMO in order to bring a more standardized and...

Effectively Recognize IT Employees – Phase 1: Assess the Current Recognition Landscape

This phase will walk you through the data collection necessary to understand the current perceptions around recognition practices in the organization and determine the...

Kick-Start IT-Led Business Innovation Storyboard – Phases 1-4

Start facilitating innovation to advance the reputation of IT and gain reputation as a true strategic partner.

Design & Build a User-Facing Service Catalog – Executive Brief

Read the executive brief to understand why building a Service Catalog is a good idea, and why following our approach will help you accomplish this difficult task.

Drive Efficiency and Agility with a Fit-for-Purpose Quality Management Program – Phases 1-4

This blueprint walks a CIO through the building and implementing of fit-for-purpose quality management program in an effort to enhance IT quality, increase business...

Value Assessment Example Tool

Follow this example and the case study in the blueprint to understand how to conduct a value assessment.

Feedback and Coaching Guide for Managers

Use the Feedback and Coaching Guide as a handy reference tool on how to provide meaningful feedback that will inspire change, and how to coach employees towards achieving...

Create an IT Sourcing Strategy – Phase 5: Analyze Gaps and Define Initiatives

Identify the initiatives which will define the sourcing strategy. These initiatives will close the gap between the current and target states of sourcing.

Foresight Process Tool

This tool will help you store information as your organization moves through the stages of strategic foresight.
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