CIO Trends Report 2017 – The Digital Ecosystem

The Digital Ecosystem is driven by near ubiquitous connectivity, powered by a meshed network of objects and devices, and the capacity to have them all access the internet.

Digital Twin Alignment Presentation

Communicate the benefits of digital twin technology and its use cases using this template.

Minimum Viable Business Case Document

This document helps you store, present, and utilize the information in your minimum viable business case.

Drive IT Performance by Monitoring Employee Experience – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you improve IT productivity and performance by establishing an employee experience-focused engagement program.

Unleash the True Value of IT by Transforming Into a Service Provider – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand how adopting certain service management initiatives can help you create new value for your business.

Lead Strategic Decision Making With Service Portfolio Management – Phase 5: Manage and Communicate the Service Portfolio

This phase of the blueprint will help you successfully communicate the benefits of service portfolio management and implement the process across the organization.

Firefighter to Reliable Operator Assessment Tool

Use this tool to assess your current service management maturity level and discover where gaps exist.

Integrate Artificial Intelligence Into Your Manufacturing Operations – Phase 1: Analyze Capabilities & Identify an AI Initiative

This phase of Integrate Artificial Intelligence Into Your Manufacturing Operations will help you to understand the types of AI projects that your company is able to...

Create a Service Management Roadmap – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why improving service management is an urgent need that will bring significant value to the organization.

IT Implications Checklist

This checklist helps you consider all implications on the IT organization from a holistic perspective.
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