CIO Management Playbook

The management playbook training will focus on CIOs exploring how to manage their annual initiatives, the metrics that are driven by these initiates, and a time study to...

CIO Trend Report 2017 – XaaP (Everything as a Platform)

The XaaP trend is primarily driven by the convergence between the concept of open data and the proliferation of the Application Programming Interface (API).

Define the Business Context Needed to Complete Strategic IT Initiatives

Understand the business context specific to your strategic IT initiative. Each strategic IT project requires answers to a specific set of questions regarding the...

Assert IT's Relevance During Digital Transformations

Digital strategy conversations should not be happening without the CIO and IT’s expertise. Identify early on the value that IT can offer to digital, and insert IT into...
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Drive IT Performance by Monitoring Employee Experience – Phase 1: Start Monitoring Employee Experience

This phase of the blueprint, Drive IT Performance by Monitoring Employee Experience, will introduce the Employee Experience Monitor and walk you through the setup so you...

Roadmap to Service Provider Project Charter

Use the service provider project charter to get the project off the ground and govern the initiative throughout its duration.

Minimize the Damage of IT Cost Cuts – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why you should take a value-based approach to cutting IT costs.

Establish an Effective IT Steering Committee – Phase 2: Define ITSC Processes

This phase of the blueprint, Establish an Effective IT Steering Committee, will help you build high-level IT steering committee processes.

Create an IT Sourcing Strategy – Phase 1: Determine Mandate and Scope

Identify the need for and use of the sourcing strategy. Determine a realistic and relevant scope.

Create a Service Management Roadmap – Phase 3: Identify the Target State

Find out what your target state should be based on your objectives.
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