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Get the Most Out of Your ERP – Phases 1-3

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a core tool that the business leverages to accomplish its goals. Use this blueprint to strategically re-align business goals,...

Implement and Mature Your User Experience Design Practice – Phases 1-3

Many organizations don’t know the right steps to get the right product or service. Learn how to create a practice that brings solutions that are specific to the needs of...

Master Contract Review and Negotiation for Software Agreements – Phase 1: Gather Requirements

This phase of the blueprint, Master Contract Review and Negotiation for Software Agreements, will help you define your business use case and build your stakeholder team.

Modernize Your Applications – Phase 1: Set Your Vision

This phase of the blueprint, Modernize Your Applications, will help you set the appropriate expectations for application modernization.

Adapt Your Customer Experience Strategy to Successfully Weather COVID-19 Storyboard

COVID-19 is a daunting threat for virtually every organization – but an updated approach to customer experience management can help ward off the worst outcomes. However,...

Automate Your Software Delivery Lifecycle – Phases 1-4

Automating your SDLC will result in more time saved for your resources while ensuring the highest levels of software quality are maintained. The blueprint will help you...

Perform an Agile Skills Assessment – Phases 1-3

This blueprint focuses on what is needed to assess your Agile teams in order to ensure success of your agile transformation.

Perform an Agile Skills Assessment – Phase 1: Take Stock of the Agile Skills and Values Important to You

Before doing any assessment of your Agile team, review Info-Tech's research on the Agile skills and values that should be considered and decide the skills that are...

Perform an Agile Skills Assessment – Phase 2: Define an Assessment Method That Works for You

Define what it means to attain specific Agile skills through a defined ascension path of proficiency levels and standardized skill expectations.

Perform an Agile Skills Assessment – Phase 3: Plan to Assess Your Team

Determine the rollout and communication plan that suits your organization.
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