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Social Media Management Software Selection Guide Storyboard

Connecting through social media is an essential way to engage with your customers. Identify the best tools that suit your social media management needs.

Mature and Scale Product Ownership Storyboard

Whether you manage a product or service, the fundamentals of good product ownership are the same. By focusing the attention of the teammates serving in product owner...

Scale Business Process Automation Storyboard

Use this research to learn the opportunities related to scaling business process automation (BPA), what you should consider when building your scaled BPA journey, and...

Enabling Product Delivery – Executive Workshop Storyboard

Strengthen product management in your organization through effective executive leadership by focusing product teams on core capabilities and proper alignment. Develop a...

Improve External PR Communications for Greater Product Launch Success Storyboard

This blueprint highlights that using Public Relations can significantly increase a product launch success.

Accelerate Business Growth and Valuation by Building Brand Awareness Storyboard

Inspired by top-performing businesses and best practices, this Blueprint provides the guidance and tools needed to successfully build awareness and help businesses grow.

Select an Enterprise Application Software Storyboard

Selecting and implementing an ERP is the most expensive and time-consuming technology transformation an organization can undertake. Effectively plan for, select, and...

Customer Service Management Software Selection Guide Storyboard

The pandemic and growing younger demographic have shifted the terrain of customer service delivery. Customer service management tools ensure organizations enhance...

Build Your Enterprise Application Implementation Playbook – Phases 1-3

This blueprint provides the steps necessary to build your own enterprise application implementation playbook that can be deployed and leveraged by your implementation teams.

Take the First Steps to Embrace Open-Source Software Storyboard

Use this research to learn the opportunities of open source, considerations when selecting open-source software, and how to prepare your team for the use of open source.
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