Enterprise Applications - Tools

Customer Service Initiative Scoring and Roadmap

This tool serves to help project and management stakeholders visualize the implementation of Customer Service IT initiatives. It can also aid in the planning,...

Mobile ERP Opportunity Assessment Tool

This tool performs a three-stage gate analysis about your mobile ERP decision. After completing the tool, you will have a go or no go decision, a recommended path to...

Business Process Assessment and Prioritization Tool

The Business Process Opportunity Assessment tool helps organizations understand key metrics relating to key business processes that interact with the ERP system.

ERP Optimization Program Manual

The ERP Optimization Program Manual will help maintain control over your ERP optimization process by providing one document to log all information relating to the ERP...

HR Systems Strategy RACI Chart

The RACI Chart assists you in organizing roles for carrying out project steps and makes sure there are definite roles that different individuals in the organization must...

HR Systems Health Assessment Tool

This tool will help you build requirements, assess gaps, and rate functional and integration quality of your HR systems.

HR Systems Strategy Roadmap Tool

This tool will help key stakeholders visualize the implementation of HR Tech Implementation initiatives on an easy-to-read timeline. Beyond serving as a mechanism for...

Mid-Market BI Vendor Shortlist and Feature Analysis Tool

Info-Tech conducted its own market evaluation of 11 leading Mid-Market BI vendors. This tool allows enterprises to profile their BI requirements and generate a shortlist...

Risk-Adjusted Cost-Benefit Analysis Tool for ERP Deployment Types

This workbook allows enterprises to fill in information regarding the costs, benefits, and risks of different types of ERP deployments.

Cloud ERP Appropriateness Assessment Tool

This workbook allows IT leaders to answer a series of questions regarding their ERP requirements and readiness for various deployment options including on-premise,...
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