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Customer Service Knowledge Management (CSKM) Vendor Shortlist Tool

This tool allows enterprises to generate a customized shortlist of Customer Service Knowledge Management (CSKM) vendors based on required capabilities and future...

Risk-Adjusted Cost-Benefit Analysis Tool for ERP Deployment Types

This workbook allows enterprises to fill in information regarding the costs, benefits, and risks of different types of ERP deployments.

Cloud ERP Appropriateness Assessment Tool

This workbook allows IT leaders to answer a series of questions regarding their ERP requirements and readiness for various deployment options including on-premise,...

Social Analytics Maturity Assessment

This tool provides IT managers with an objective assessment of the current state of their organization's social analytics environment and offers recommendations for those...

Social Media Service Selection Tool

The Social Media Service Selection Tool is designed to help organizations determine the most appropriate social media services for their business needs.

Customer Relationship Management Suite Opportunity Assessment Tool for Large Enterprises

This tool will assist you in determining the value of a standalone Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Suite to your organization, as well as the best available point...

Social Media Opportunity Assessment Tool

The Social Media Opportunity Assessment Tool is designed to identify achievable goals in three social media target areas: sales, marketing, and customer service.

SharePoint 2010 Readiness Assessment Tool

The SharePoint 2010 Readiness Assessment tool facilitates the decision-making process of upgrading to SharePoint 2010. By gathering information through questions based on...

SharePoint Deployment Plan Tool

SharePoint is landing on the desks of IT leaders everywhere, with the direction to deploy it and make sure everyone uses it. Easier said than done; leverage the Info-Tech...

ERP Integration Steering Committee Charter

Understanding and defining the business case for extending the ERP system requires input from the business units and senior management. Build an Integration Steering...
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