Build a Market-Ready iGaming Strategy

Avoid leaving your online casino strategy to chance.

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Info-Tech’s blueprint will help you navigate these iGaming challenges:

  • It can be difficult to navigate the regulatory environment. Delaying the development of an iGaming strategy could result in delays in understanding and processing regulatory approvals.
  • iGaming is a greenfield industry and there are minimal resources or guidance to leverage. The only way to deal with unforeseen circumstances is to foray into the territory early to build first-mover advantages.
  • Your competitors are on the exact same footing when it comes to iGaming. Established competitors with stronger brand awareness can take the lead in acquiring new players and/or even luring your player base away.

Info-Tech recommends developing an iGaming strategy because:

  • Recently, regulations in some US states have changed, enabling brick and mortar gambling institutions to incorporate wager-based iGaming.
  • The profits associated with iGaming are not solely limited to wager-based playing. In states that have not regulated online gaming, brick and mortar casinos can increase market share and reach new customers by implementing a play-for-fun iGaming model.
  • Evidence suggests that the net impact of regulated online gaming is an increase in casino and tax revenue. While some revenue might be drawn off the land-based casino, the increased revenue far surpasses the potential losses.

Module 1: Define the iGaming Value

The Purpose

  • Gain an understanding of your iGaming context and ecosystem and identify your list of internal and external user scenarios.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Ability to develop an exhaustive list of user scenarios that consider all crucial areas of the business by leveraging iGaming value chains.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Define the iGaming context
  • iGaming context defined
1.2 Understand your iGaming ecosystem
  • Documented iGaming ecosystem factors 
1.3 Determine internal and external user scenarios
  • User scenario inventory

Module 2: Construct a Configurable Technical Architecture

The Purpose

  • Gain an understanding of the necessary technological systems for your strategy and weigh iGaming platform decision criteria.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Define your iGaming technical architecture.
  • Identify the right iGaming platform sourcing model for your organization.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Review and select an iGaming platform sourcing model
  • iGaming platform sourcing model

Module 3: Formulate iGaming Journey Map Requirements

The Purpose

  • Design journey maps to empathize with your players and identify opportunities to streamline or enhance existing and new experiences.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Identify a unified view of customer experience.
  • Identify gaps in value delivery.
  • Improve customer journey.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Identify stakeholder personas 
  • Internal and external stakeholder personas
3.2 Stakeholder journey mapping
  • Journey map requirements
3.3 Prioritization of requirements
  • Prioritized requirements

Module 4: Build a Unified iGaming Roadmap

The Purpose

  • Build a player-centric iGaming roadmap.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Keep your team on the same page with key projects, objectives, and timelines.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Bundle requirements into initiatives
  • Initiatives categorized by people, process, and technology
4.2 Build your roadmap
  • iGaming strategy roadmap visual

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