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Webinar: Harness Configuration Management Superpowers

Your organization's ITSC - IT Superhero Council - is becoming nervous. You are losing the fight against your nemesis, the Gang of Unplanned Downtime. The Service Desk Front Line is becoming overwhelmed. The Change Manager's valorous attempts to avoid the gang are being thwarted. Enter, the amazing Configuration Manager with their superpower of vast environmental knowledge. Using their CMDB, this superhero (with their trusty sidekicks in the CCB) is able to empower the ITSC. But building a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) requires significant time and investment.

During this webinar, we will explore:

The benefits you can obtain from Service Configuration Management.

What IT service management practices you need to have in place.

Who needs to be involved in building and maintaining a CMDB and the surrounding Service Configuration Management practice.

Featured Speakers

Sandi Conrad

Principal Director, Infrastructure & Operations
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Ken Weston, PMP, Cert.APM, SMC

Senior Research Analyst, Infrastructure & Operations
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Emily Sugerman

Research Specialist
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