Threat Landscape Briefing – September 2023

In this month’s briefing we explore:

  • The recent trend of governments banning TikTok from employee devices. (timestamp – 01:05)
    • TikTok collects massive amounts of information from a device and the US government has banned TikTok from devices with access to government data as a result.
    • See Info-Tech’s Develop an IT Asset Management Strategy.
  • How organizations are being breached through Cisco VPNs (timestamp – 03:09)
  • How the popularity of home automation devices has led to increased security concern (timestamp – 05:22)
  • Cyber threats to space infrastructure (timestamp – 08:13)
    • Implementing cybersecurity measures at the inception of satellite and space network development will be vital, as retrofitting cybersecurity measures can be resource intensive.
    • See Info-Tech’s Develop a Business Continuity Plan.
  • Multiple high severity vulnerabilities in CODESYS V3 SDK (timestamp – 11:15)
    • The discovery of these vulnerabilities represents high risks for OT infrastructure environments.
    • See Info-Tech’s Secure IT/OT Convergence.

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Featured Speakers

Michel Hebert

Principal Research Director, Security & Privacy
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Petar Hristov

Research Director, Security & Privacy
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Carlos Rivera

Principal Research Advisor, Security & Privacy
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Ahmad Jowhar

Research Specialist, Security & Privacy
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Safayat Moahamad

Research Director
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