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VMware RA Combines Workspace ONE and Horizon

VMware’s end-user computing team unveiled the latest reference architecture for Workspace ONE and Horizon. Use it to kick-start a continual improvement program.

The VMware End-User Computing team unveiled their reference architecture (RA) for “anyone considering, designing, or undertaking a digital workspace project using VMware Workspace ONE, VMware Horizon 7, or VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure.”

The document recommends using a six-step process for architecting Workspace ONE and Horizon:

  • Business Drivers
  • Use Cases
  • Requirements
  • Identify Solution
  • Design and Build
  • Integrate and Deliver

This new architecture combines and expands upon two previously separate RAs: the Workspace ONE Cloud-Based RA and the Horizon 7 On-Premises RA.

Our Take

This six-step process isn’t something that you do only once and then forget about it. Every quarter, you should start again and meet with stakeholders to identify new features. Re-prioritize the roadmap or backlog based on environmental changes, new features, and newly discovered defects.

When I’m delivering a Mobile Strategy workshop, we leave the team with a backlog of epics and user stories. Just as with this reference architecture, we always start with business drivers and use cases. We base the activity on the COBIT Goals Cascade. ITIL has a similar concept – continual improvement – and DevOps also has a variant.

You should never run out of desired features in your end-user computing product backlog. Whatever you call the process, just ensure that you are continually improving the experience for users in tangible ways.

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