Transition to BYOD and Beyond

Strategize for BYOD now while preparing for the BYOE future.

Your Challenge

  • The bring your own device (BYOD) revolution is changing—often replacing—the traditional corporate-issued model. Yet, many organizations are unsure of where or how to begin making the transition.
  • Security remains a top priority that threatens to increase costs for many organizations.
  • Enabling personal devices in corporate environments leads to benefits of higher employee satisfaction as well higher employee productivity. How does IT keep users satisfied, but continue to manage and control sensitive data?

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Realize that BYOD is here to stay, and every organization needs to begin making a gradual transition to formally supporting personal devices in the workplace.  For now, this will necessitate a mix of personal and corporate-issued devices.
  • Aim for a device-agnostic organization that focuses on enabling productivity rather than enabling specific hardware. BYOD can refer to modern smartphones and tablets, but some employees also still need those old-timey “computer” things.
  • Implement technology and policies that keep security and control at an acceptable level, so you can keep BYOD from being a threat.
  • Maintain users’ privacy while ensuring that your BYOD strategy isn’t running into tricky legal or compliance issues.
  • Calculate the TCO of potential BYOD strategies, and then make a cost-effective choice that allows you to reinvest savings into enhanced security, control, and end-user experience.

Impact and Result

  • A careful, customized strategy will mitigate risks and increase the benefits that organizations can extract from personal devices, while keeping TCO the same or lower than it was before.
  • Properly strategizing for BYOD will prepare your organization for BYOE: Bring Your Own Everything. Think ahead so your IT department can handle whatever future devices people throw at them.


129 professionals contributed survey data that assisted with the development of the set and additional anonymous quotes.

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Get to Action

  1. Transition to BYOD

    Begin managing the risk created by personal unmanaged devices and using these devices for the organization’s benefit.

  2. Calculate the TCO of BYOD strategy options

    Compare and communicate the cost of each strategy, examining the impact of device types, stipend amounts, and pace of transition.

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