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Roadmunk Embraces Visual Detail in Roadmaps

Roadmunk sub-items add a new level of visual detail to roadmaps.

Available to users of business, professional, and enterprise packages, roadmaps can now have two levels instead of one to convey additional context.

Sub-items enable a number of important capabilities:

The right level of detail at the right time

  • Roadmaps typically provide too much or too little detail to the reader. Roadmunk allows the reader to show the additional detail only if required.

Change in scope and delivery automatically reflected in the roadmap

  • Adding, removing, or modifying sub-items and their delivery dates updates the parent item to ensure complete impact of the change is understood.

Sub-items never “live in a vacuum”

  • Sub-items not only account for dependencies with each other, they can record dependencies across initiatives. This conveys a level of detail not previously available.

Our Take

When issues arise with product delivery, a lot of the causes can be traced back to communication and a lack of understanding of business outcomes. A clear, well-understood roadmap is critical in ensuring all parts of the organization are moving in the same direction and with similar intent.

Creating effective, well-understood roadmaps can be challenging given different stakeholders with varying information requirements. With sub-item support, Roadmunk enables effective communication to a broader, more diverse audience.

Want to Know More?

Tools are only valuable when the contributing practices and processes are robust. We suggest the following research:

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Build a Product Roadmap – A roadmap is only effective when it can be communicated to the organization.

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