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Product Owners Are Only as Successful as Their Ability to Communicate

No matter how good your product roadmap and backlog are, they are only as good as your audience’s ability to understand your vision and priority. Assuming you’ve done an excellent job with your market and end-user analysis, aligned changes to stakeholder goals, prioritized based on value realization, and sequenced with your delivery team, how do you know that everyone who read your roadmap thinks it means the same thing?

ProdPad has taken a step in a recent update to help product owners publish and share different views of their roadmap for different stakeholder groups. In “Feature Friday: Own Team Transparency with Roadmap Publishing” on May 22, 2020, ProdPad explains how to take different parts or different levels of your roadmap and share them with different stakeholder groups. This allows the product owner to remove details about the roadmap item that are confusing or just noise to the reader (e.g. work effort or technical constraints).

The key here is to have a solid understanding of your audience and a robust roadmap to draw from. You can then provide customized views to aid in decisions, validation, and support from different groups.

Our Take

  • Start by building a strong roadmap that you can draw from.
  • Use our stakeholder analysis to group stakeholders and align your messaging.
  • Use customized views of your roadmap to speak directly to what is most important to your audience.
  • If you don’t have a product management tool like ProdPad or others (e.g. Aha!, ProductPlan, Productboard, Airfocus, Targetprocess, Roadmunk), try using a Product Canvas.

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