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Quest Software’s Toad for Oracle SDP Addresses Data Privacy Compliance Challenges

Quest Software’s new add-on module, Toad for Oracle Standard Data Protection (SDP), automates the detection and remediation of potential violations of data privacy regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI.

Specifically, Toad for Oracle SDP can be configured to:

  • Scan metadata and table data to locate personally identifiable information (PII) through data sampling based on customizable rules and a range of expressions.
  • Apply Oracle encryption and redaction options automatically when PII data is found.
  • Conduct ongoing proactive monitoring of your databases for potential non-compliance.

Additional options include:

  • Export search results for further assessments.
  • Apply an audit policy to columns found to contain sensitive data.
  • Flag the usage of sensitive data while writing code or creating/altering tables.

Our Take

The GDPR was a wake-up call. Data privacy requirements will only become more stringent, and higher standards must be applied to data protection strategies. The potential consequences of non-compliance are forcing organizations to re-examine how their data is managed.

Tools such as Toad for Oracle SDP are required to ensure compliance. Manual methods for this level of data protection are inefficient and not reliable for organizations unwilling to risk non-compliance.

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