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Prepare Your Processes for RPA With Blueprint

Robotic process automation (RPA) brings significant opportunities to improve business productivity in a continuously changing environment. However, RPA often requires significant organizational changes to see its full benefits, such as:

  • Streamlining and adjusting business operations to accommodate the introduction of RPA in key business processes.
  • Ensuring the stability and reliability of the underlying application platform by implementing and supporting IT operations automation (e.g. self-healing, load balancing).
  • Bringing the business and IT together to jointly deliver and operate RPA.

Therefore, a good pilot project is critical to demonstrate the value of making this investment. Please reach out to Info-Tech’s representatives for more information of our upcoming blueprint, Build Your First RPA Bot.

The first step in an RPA pilot project is choosing the right businesses processes that exhibit the right quality attributes.

Blueprint’s Enterprise Automation Suite can help organizations determine which business processes will serve as ideal candidates. This suite provides analysts the key capabilities to capture, map, and prepare business processes for RPA deployment. Key features include:

  • Process Discovery – Gather, digitalize, and centralize existing business processes that were captured on whiteboards (Intelligent Whiteboard Importer), test scripts (Test Script Mining), and Word documents (BlueDocs Document Importer).
  • Business Process Modeler – Map and identify business processes optimization opportunities to prepare them for automation. This suite enables complex processes to be decomposed into high-fidelity models and traced to larger customer journeys and value streams, as well as critical information like rules, policies, controls, risks, regulations, and non-functional requirements.
  • Delivery to RPA Tools – Automatically push detailed and optimized processes along with attachments and traced constraints directly into RPA development tools (e.g. UiPath) for delivery.

Our Take

Blueprint brings its requirements management experience into RPA development with insightful and deep analysis of business process candidates. The suite helps organizations gain a better picture of the various RPA opportunities compared to doing this analysis completely manually. The question is whether organizations are willing to invest in an additional toolset while knowing full well the high implementation cost of RPA development tools (e.g. UiPath).

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