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Create a Winning BPI Playbook

Don’t waste your time focusing on the “as is.” focus on the improvements and the “to be.”

This blueprint will help you apply business process improvement and assess an end-to-end process to determine improvement opportunities. Additionally, this blueprint will assist you in developing a consistent and repeatable standard operating procedure for process improvement.

Your Challenge

  • Companies understand the importance of business process improvement (BPI) and recognize the touted benefits: cost savings, waste elimination, and process efficiency.
  • With this said, 70% of companies that embark on process improvement initiatives fail.
  • The high probability of failure is attributed to a number of factors including lack of continuous improvement and failing to define measurable outcomes.

Our Solution

  • Adopt a forward-facing outlook. Don’t focus solely on the current state, set improvement targets upfront to drive the initiative.
  • Break problems down into root-cause variables. Don’t look at the symptom, dive deeper and alleviate the root cause.
  • Empower business analysts. Create a practical process improvement methodology that your analysts can follow.

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