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iRise Looks to Improve Engagement Through New Reports

Recognizing that successful software delivery is not just about pushing out requirements and code, iRise has added several custom reports to support project management, compliance, sign-off, audit trails, and more.

These reports can be accessed via direct links or exported to Microsoft Word to allow stakeholders to consume the information as they want to.

The newly introduced reports include:

  • Functional Spec (BRD) Report: This first report enables the reviewing of screens and functional specifications across the entire project.

Source: New Custom Reports Released, iRise, Published July 17, 2019

  • UI Spec Report: Meant for the development team, this report includes all screenshots and styling details for all defined widgets.

Source: New Custom Reports Released, iRise, Published July 17, 2019

  • Screens and Comments: Comments are only useful when they are easily reviewed. Having a single report to display all screens and their respective comments allows for designers and stakeholders to better understand how specific screens evolved based on conversations and feedback.

Source: New Custom Reports Released, iRise, Published July 17, 2019

Our Take

iRise’s custom reports support not only the development process but also effective stakeholder engagement. Delivering effective products requires that the value delivered aligns with stakeholder needs. Providing multiple options for reviewing requirements (either via direct links or exporting to Microsoft Word) ensures that stakeholders can consume information in a way that suits them.

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