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Fully Cloud-Enabled CAD Is a Reality

Manufacturers are constantly pressed to accelerate delivery. The design process is one key phase that could get a huge boost in productivity by introducing fully cloud-enabled CAD.

The following are some reasons that your organization might want to consider if you are thinking of cloud design.

  • By having your CAD in the cloud, you facilitate collaboration among designers. Remote teams can also now work on the same project, using the same masters at the same time.
  • The concept of Agile development has been used in software development for quite some time, but now it can be applied to the CAD process. Agile development is a collaborative process that breaks development down into cycles or “sprints” of much more focused design with incremental improvements over time.
  • CAD manufacturer OnShape’s products reside completely on the cloud. Everybody sees the same information, which eliminates the need for costly check-ins and checkouts and eliminates the possibility of designers overwriting each other’s work.
  • Another advantage comes from the fact that now you pay for the licenses that you currently use, compared with traditional design in which a copy of the software had to be licensed and installed on a particular computer regardless of whether it was used or not.

Our Take

More and more manufacturing design shops are taking a serious look at the cloud approach. This is an evolving area today, but it’s already a viable alternative to traditional design, and it’s likely to be where many organizations choose to design in the future.

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