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EmployBridge Capitalizes on Talkdesk’s AI-Driven Functionalities

EmployBridge, America’s largest specialty industrial staffing company, has selected Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud Contact Center to support its customer service operations.

EmployBridge aims to reduce human-assisted contacts by 20%, lower handle time, and improve customer experience through this move.

Specifically, EmployBridge intends to leverage Talkdesk’s latest product Talkdesk Agent Assist, which is powered by Talkdesk iQ native artificial intelligence (AI). This product provides real-time information and suggested actions derived from a knowledgebase to aid contact center agents.

Source: SoftwareReviews, Accessed July 23, 2019

Our Take

AI-driven functionalities are becoming increasingly effective in contact centers, offering real-time solutions and improving customer satisfaction. The trend is that human-assisted contacts are slowly dying out.

However, contact center clients should reflect on their own case before jumping to transition to AI.

First, AI needs large quantities of data that is varied and of a reasonable quality. While Talkdesk Agent Assist is a world-leading product in AI assistance, this requires a large knowledgebase. Gaining access to such huge databases may not be presently feasible, financially or practically.

Moreover, the data AI draws upon is not value neutral. There are risks of inherent biases in the data (e.g. is the data implicitly racist?) that could potentially cause a public relations dilemma.

Clients without sufficient infrastructure to support AI assistance will require guidance to integrate AI processes, a knowledgebase supported by an appropriate data architecture, and suitable organizational governance of AI.

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