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EAM Provider MEGA’s New Launch Answers the Growing Call for Integrated View of Enterprise Assets

MEGA International announced the launch of its HOPEX Information Architecture solution.

HOPEX Information Architecture is integrated into a single platform with other practices, such as application portfolio management, IT architecture, and risk management, to provide a complete picture of enterprise assets covering data, applications, and risk perspectives. Using a single platform, various stakeholders share the same level of information to make collaborative, informed decisions about the governance of data.

“In today’s digital world, companies must understand which data is used, by whom, and for what purpose. Modern data-driven organizations need a clear picture into their data and how IT systems are securing this data,” remarked Lucio de Risi, CEO of MEGA. “Without properly documenting data, companies cannot provide evidence for data quality to regulatory bodies and may have an increased exposure to risk.”

Key benefits of MEGA’s HOPEX Information Architecture solution:

  • Visibility into data: With HOPEX Information Architecture, data architects can model all three layers of data modeling – physical, logical, and conceptual – as well as manage a full business glossary and data dictionary.
  • Track impact of changes throughout the information model: The solution includes business data lineage between the business glossary and data dictionary so that data architects can understand the impact of changes and take the proper actions.
  • Improve data governance: By defining a data inventory, integrated into a single platform with other practices such as application portfolio management, IT architecture, and risk management, architects can identify opportunities for improving compliance, privacy, and security.
  • Regulatory compliance and data privacy: The HOPEX solution allows data architects to view how data is used by applications and how it is processed.

Source: MEGA International Press Release

Our Take

While MEGA is not the first enterprise architecture management (EAM) vendor to sharpen its information architecture software capabilities, its advent definitely confirms the ever-pressing need for organizations to treat data as one of their most valuable enterprise assets – not only by publishing an enterprise guiding principle around the importance of data, but more importantly by changing the way they think about data, how well they understand it, and how effective they are in managing it end to end.

Whether your organization is planning to experiment with AI to gain a competitive advantage or it’s under pressure to remain compliant with regulations such as GDPR, the common theme for success is information-centricity: the ability to provide a single point of truth regarding the organization’s business logic, strategy, processes, capabilities, systems, and more importantly, the information that flows across all of these elements back and forth.

While seeing improved information architecture functionality within EAM suites is encouraging, the primary focus should remain on people-driven practices and behaviors to realize the intended value proposition. An enterprise architecture practice is a key instrument in the hands of business leaders and CIOs to gain the necessary visibility, unlock hidden insights, and increase the probability of business success.

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