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Chronicle Expands Its North American Presence by Partnering With Herjavec Group

Chronicle, Alphabet’s enterprise security company, expands its North American partner base with Herjavec Group, its first Canadian partner. Herjavec Group is the first service provider in Canada to be certified in, and provide access to, Chronicle’s security intelligence products.

Chronicle and Herjavec announced their partnership on August 27, 2019, and held a joint Founder’s Breakfast and panel at Google’s Toronto offices on September 25, 2019. Robert Herjavec, the Shark Tank investor and founder and CEO of Herjavec Group, and Mike Wiacek, Chronicle’s Co-Founder and Chief Security Officer, described how they came together and how their partnership aims to disrupt traditional offerings by managed security service providers (MSSP).

Mike Wiacek has said of this new partnership, “to be effective, tools must be joined with expertise. Herjavec Group’s depth and breadth of expertise make our solutions much more powerful than they are on their own.” Chronicle will provide Herjavec with even better threat hunting and incident investigation capabilities by leveraging Backstory below the SIEM level to better analyze the data its customers generate every year.

Herjavec is one among many of Chronicle’s new partners who are taking advantage of Chronicle’s Backstory and VirusTotal, Chronicle’s malware intelligence service. Backstory enables businesses with a secure, private cloud instance built on Google infrastructure, while VirusTotal helps security analysts investigate and hunt for malware, malicious files, and security incidents privately and securely. Both products work together to compare threat intelligence against your company’s data history to provide your organization with better detection, notification, and potentially more time to respond to potential incidents.

Source: SoftwareReviews Security Incident and Event Management, Report Published October 15, 2020

Our Take

Chronicle’s partnership with Herjavec is encouraging for the Canadian market as well as for other security vendors partnering with Google. That’s because the more people use Backstory, the better it will become as it takes in more data. As a backend storage and analytic component of cloud-based SIEM, Backstory will analyze and correlate data in the cloud before it enters the SIEM of your MSSP. If you are moving your SIEM to the cloud or purchasing a cloud-native SIEM or outsourcing your SIEM to an MSSP, make sure to look at Chronicle to see who it partners with to see if your organization will benefit from an even more granular approach to threat detection and analysis.

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