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Challo Allows for Cross-Company Team Collaboration

Cafe X has launched a new collaboration solution: Challo. Alongside the usual table stakes capabilities for collaboration tools (IM, voice/video meetings, content sharing, management, and application integration), Challo’s unique feature is that it allows cross-organization collaboration.

Challo’s unique feature thus responds to a general weakness found across the team collaboration marketspace: collaboration tools are not always well-designed for external communication collaboration.

To support multi-company collaboration, Challo has built-in security and compliance – especially useful for regulated industries that are sharing data. As Cafe X CTO Kevin Glass comments, “every interaction with the company data is controlled by a fine-grained security model that allows administrators and users to ensure that only the smallest needed set of data is ever provided and that the data is only provided in a manner appropriate to enterprise policy.”

Source: SoftwareReviews Team Collaboration Data Quadrant. Accessed February 28, 2020.

Our Take

Challo enters the immature marketspace of team collaboration with a defining capability: the ability for cross-company collaboration. Of course, despite Challo’s built-in security and compliance features, IT teams will still be bracing themselves for heavy administration tasks to secure multiple endpoints.

These administration tasks will especially concern monitoring what data will be shared through applications that integrate with Challo, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. Info-Tech members interested in Challo ought to ensure their backends are completely secure before rolling out this new collaboration software. Indeed, members with no interest in Challo still ought to be proactive about these measures – especially if Challo emerges as shadow IT.

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