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BlueJeans Outlines Its 2H 2021 Product Roadmap

On June 3, 2021, BlueJeans provided an update on its product direction for 2H 2021. BlueJeans is now fully integrated with Verizon One, completing Verizon’s full UCaaS solution. Moreover, BlueJeans has also released its Telehealth solution for healthcare organizations and virtual care. Key functionalities for Telehealth include a patient landing experience, interpreter integrations, and EHR integrations.

Already for 1H 2021, BlueJeans has released pre-assigned breakout rooms, closed captioning support (across browsers, devices, and for recorded playback), backstage chat for presenters and moderators, and guest presenters being enabled for restricted events.

Upcoming high priority improvements include:

  • Multi-language closed captioning support (3Q)
  • 1000 participant meetings (3Q)
  • Audio lock for “lecture mode” (3Q)
  • Multi-channel audio interpretation (3Q)
  • Improved quality on VPN and resiliency during poor WiFi (3Q)

Other key functionalities users can expect for collaborating on BlueJeans include:

  • Re-assigning participants to the same rooms automatically (3Q)
  • Open breakout rooms (3Q)
  • Polling (4Q)
  • Q&A (4Q)
  • Persistent whiteboards (2H)
  • File transfer (2H)
  • Breakout rooms chat (2H)
  • Timer and settings for breakout rooms (2H)
  • Co-host controls for breakout rooms (2H)

Our Take

Verizon is making the most of its BlueJeans acquisition; with BlueJeans as its collaborative centerpiece, Verizon can now boast its full UCaaS solution, Verizon One. Organizations that have invested in Verizon will be delighted with how much innovation and many product improvements are underway with BlueJeans.

Such improvements are necessary for BlueJeans to stay competitive – BlueJeans still remains behind other key players in the web conferencing marketspace for breadth of features on offer. For example, based on SoftwareReviews’ data, BlueJeans’ current virtual whiteboard functionality scores very low, ranking eighth out of 10 other web conferencing vendors. However, given BlueJeans’ roadmap is concretely addressing the need to rapidly expand its feature set, user satisfaction with the breadth of capabilities will likely increase for 2022.

BlueJeans' virtual whiteboard scorecard

Source: SoftwareReviews BlueJeans Scorecard. Accessed July 5, 2021.

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