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Amazon’s Quantum Adventure: Amazon Announces Braket, Its First Foray Into Quantum Computing-as-a-Service

Amazon Web Services has announced Amazon Braket, its first customer-facing foray into quantum computing-as-a-service. Though it is not yet live, Amazon promises that Braket will provide developers with the tools needed to experiment with quantum algorithms and explore different hardware options available to consumers.

Quantum computing represents a major step away from classical architecture. Q-bits can be superimposed (q-bits are not constrained by the zero-one binary), essentially allowing quantum computers to perform certain tasks (e.g. factoring large numbers) far more powerfully and efficiently than their classical competition. These capabilities could have a profound impact on important processes like cryptography.

Source: Info-Tech Research Group

Our Take

Braket is not a full production quantum stack. It is, at best, an experimental environment that will allow users to dabble in quantum. Amazon is careful to hedge on its pitch: Braket will allow users to “explore, evaluate, and experiment with quantum computing;” it will facilitate low latency connections to quantum computers provided by Amazon’s partners (Rigetti, IronQ, and D-Wave). But it is not production ready. Quantum computing is still in its infancy.

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