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ACI Makes Bill Payment Easier With New Mobile Wallet for Android and iOS

As consumers continue to expect more payment capabilities on their mobile devices, service providers continue to deliver new features in order to remain competitive. ACI Worldwide is a major player in the transaction and payments space.

ACI’s announcement of its new mobile wallet applications for Android and iOS, which are part of its UP portfolio, demonstrates its continued drive for mobile payment innovation.

Users’ rapid pace of migration to mobile banking continues to intensify the pressure on traditional banks to adjust to new ways of engaging their customers. Payments are one of the most rapidly evolving segments of banking. As a result, outsourced solution providers, such as ACI, are increasingly being adopted by both traditional and FinTech market participants.

Our Take

Mobile payments are driving rapid innovation among banks and FinTech startups, and they require specialized knowledge, processes, and functionality that are increasingly being provided by external vendors.

For traditional banks, this presents new challenges from a security, privacy, and vendor management perspective that continue to require new strategies and governance models that extend beyond the traditional walled silos they are accustomed to operating in.

For new FinTech entrants, the complexity of the services they are required to offer in order to win new customers is increasing. This raises the barriers to entry, which can be viewed both positively and negatively.

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