Mature Your Privacy Operations - Security Blueprint

This blueprint will help you to operationalize your privacy program by guiding you through processes related to determining your current state, drafting documentation, assessing risks, managing sensitive data, and developing metrics.

Operationalize Data Privacy for Durable Goods Manufacturing - Industry Coverage Blueprint

The durable goods manufacturing industry is undergoing significant changes. To remain competitive, manufacturing companies are digitally transforming their business operations. Durable goods manufacturing firms need to embrace digital transformation while also managing the associated data...

Build a Data Privacy Program - Security Blueprint

Sell privacy to the business by speaking a language they understand. IT and InfoSec leaders need to see privacy as more than just compliance – as a driver of business efficiency.

Build Business-Aligned Privacy Programs for Higher Education Institutions - Industry Coverage Blueprint

College students are living in environments that increasingly require regular interaction with information technology and data. Students are wary of privacy risks and value privacy protections. So should the leaders at the education institutions.

Embed Privacy and Security Culture Within Your Organization - Security Blueprint

A strong security program and privacy framework are fundamental to successful organizations and require a proactive approach that embeds principles in the operational seams of the organization. But building a privacy and security culture extends beyond projects, controls, and metrics, and it...

Exponential IT for Security and Privacy - CIO Blueprint

Use this brief primer to understand the implications of Exponential IT on Security & Privacy.

Fast Track Your GDPR Compliance Efforts - Security Blueprint

The GDPR enforcement deadline is here. Organizations must understand the risk of non-compliance and what the ramifications may mean for their reputation and future revenue. There is no one-size-fits-all methodology. The scope of GDPR projects depends on the nature of applicability for your...

Activate Your Augmented Reality Initiative - Applications Blueprint

This blueprint reviews Info-Tech’s business-centric definition of augmented reality, as well as the technology’s key benefits and how it will impact a variety of industries. IT leaders can leverage this blueprint to understand how augmented reality can fundamentally alter the workplace, develop...

Achieve Digital Resilience by Managing Digital Risk - Security Blueprint

In a world dominated by rapid digital development, every risk is a digital risk. As a result, risk no longer exists in isolation in the IT or audit department of a business. Digital risk exists at a true crossroads of enterprise, IT, and cyber risk. Organizations should draw on elements from...

Comply With 2023 US Privacy Laws (Virginia, Connecticut, Utah, Colorado) - Security Blueprint

Organizations need to employ a systematic approach in establishing and operationalizing risk-based and right-sized privacy programs.

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