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Select and Implement an Enterprise Content Management Solution

Unleash the true power of your information with an ECM solution!


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For most organizations, content culture develops in siloes, characterized by inconsistent storage management, access rights, and ad hoc workflows. This leads to restricted information availability, inefficient retrieval, and suboptimal processes, which in turn negatively impacts service delivery.

Your Challenge

  • Demystify the ever-morphing ECM marketplace. Today's ECM solutions are more capable than ever before; the result of vendor consolidation. However, certain vendor solutions are better suited than others for certain use cases. Understand who the right partners are for your ECM needs.
  • Information agility is a competitive advantage. Advancements in indexing, search, and analytics have enabled unprecedented levels of information availability for users. Determine the right mix of features to turn your content – paperless or not – into a super power for service delivery and process execution.
  • Risky times call for risk management measures. The risk exposure for today's content is higher than ever. Heightened regulatory action manifests as more compliance policies, while the advent of mobile and cloud have only increased access and storage points on the network. Manage this all from a single screen.

Our Solution

  • Understand What’s Possible with Today’s ECM. Our sweeping look at the capabilities offered by today’s leading ECM vendors, combined with our scenario-based use case analysis, provides an ECM market overview that you can confidently depend on.
  • Transform Your Vision into Solution Requirements. Our approach helps you to take your future state vision and move through a three-stage solution requirement distillation process (capabilities services requirements) in order to request a solution that is custom-fit for your ECM needs.
  • Assess and Select Your ECM Vendor. Our comprehensive solution assessment program empowers you and your stakeholders with tools, templates, and thought models to take vendor proposals from a shortlist, through demos and reference checks, to final selection.
  • Structure and Manage System Implementation. Our implementation planning and management program provides tools, templates, and thought models to get the right teams, success metrics, and processes in place to avoid pitfalls and enable project success.

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Published: March 23, 2016
Last Revised: August 3, 2016