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Implement a Content Curator Playbook

Shift enterprise content management from a system to a role.

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  • Enterprise content management (ECM) systems require a large upfront investment and time and skill to architect. You’ve already invested in something that isn’t working and switching would be hard.
  • People are busy, and there isn’t enough resourcing to analyze and re-architect ECM.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • ECM does solve content. It helps you retain content and maintain a lot of data, but it doesn’t automatically make that content accessible when needed.
  • Systems dont hold accountability. You are paying your ECM to do a job, but it never has a performance appraisal or feels motivated to do a better job.
  • A curator can fill the gap. Assigning accountability and making it someone’s job to curate content can close the enterprise content gap.

Impact and Result

  • Shift your mindset. Instead of investing more time and money into a new or different system, and people to design, configure, and architect that system, assign someone to own and curate the content.
  • Even though it will likely not be a full-time role, it’s very important that accountability is clear for content curation. Having a single point of accountability, visibility, and ownership will help ensure that important content is kept clean, relevant, and accessible for users.
  • Don’t focus on all content and let the exceptions dictate the direction. Use the 80-20 rule. It’s likely that your users are spending 80% of their time searching for the same 20% of overall content.

Research & Tools

1. Implement a content curator playbook

Shift enterprise content management from a system to a role.

2. Reclaim time lost to difficult data recall

Spend less time searching and more time doing.

Guided Implementations

This guided implementation is a four call advisory process.

Guided Implementation #1 - Reclaim time lost to difficult data recall

Call #1 - Discuss time being wasted due to unproductive data and document searching.
Call #2 - Review a log of content repositories, their ease of use, and criticality.

Guided Implementation #2 - Build recall muscle memory centered around a curator

Call #1 - Discuss the curator role and how it fits into your organization.
Call #2 - Review the completed Content Curator Playbook.
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