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Right-Size Your BI and Analytics Operating and Delivery Model

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BI and analytics after all, is a service that is being provided to users within the organization – your internal customers. And like any good service, you need to ensure you are providing a good customer experience, delivery, and support.

Your Challenge

  • Today’s data consumers and decision makers need their analytics and insights, yesterday. With the increasing appetite for BI and analytics, not only do users want more BI and analytics, they want faster BI and analytics. Users are no longer interested in waiting weeks and months for reports and insights.
  • IT and analytics teams need to be nimble and responsive in the face of a changing data paradigm. With organizations recognizing the value of leveraging different types and sources of data such as unstructured data and external feeds, IT and analytics provider teams need to be able to effectively operate, deliver, and meet the demands in these hybrid environments.
  • Don’t over complicate your approach – leverage existing processes and capabilities. In your pursuit to build out an optimized BI and analytics operating model, you’ll want to align and build upon existing processes and structures that work and are already familiar to your stakeholders.

Our Solution

  • Our approach to building your BI and analytics operating and delivery model will ensure that it is a sustainable and scalable one that continues to meet the demands of both evolving business and changing data environments.
  • Our program will enable you to provide an improved user experience coupled with the right level of data and analytics autonomy.
  • Our program will help you address bottlenecks and provide significant efficiencies to IT and the analytics providing team.
  • Our program will help you to manage your BI and analytics content ensuring that you continue to provide your users with impactful, relevant, timely, and accessible reports and analytics.
  • Our tools and templates will provide you with mechanisms for triaging, prioritizing, routing, and delivering on BI and analytics demand.
  • Our approach will build upon your existing processes, capabilities, and organizational structure which makes for a more easily adopted operating model.

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Published: September 14, 2017
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