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Make Sure Your First 100 Days in Applications Are Not Your Last

Make your first 100 days count.


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Understanding the complete landscape of your applications team is critical to identify the right initiatives in order to build your vision and credibility in your first 100 days.

Your Challenge

  • Analyze before making decisions. Conduct a thorough current-state analysis of the people, processes, and technology in your applications teams before making decisions. Every organization is different and gaining an understanding of the unique intricacies is critical.
  • Focus on supporting teams instead of managing them. Rather than micromanagement, support empowerment and remove blockers. Your success and credibility will naturally manifest itself as your teams grow, mature and succeed.
  • Take it slow; change won’t happen overnight. Making changes without consultation from all roles risks alienating teams, making them feel like they aren’t part of the future. Listen to them and understand their concerns as the success of your vision depends on your team’s acceptance.

Our Solution

  • Understand Your Role: Moving into a new role can often be overwhelming and ambiguous. Our diagnostic will ensure you clearly understand your role and your team’s responsibilities and accountabilities.
  • Strengthen Your Leadership Attributes: Through our guidance, you will gain a better understanding of yourself and identify how your past experiences and strengths can be applied to your current position.
  • Gather Valuable Information About Your Current State: Our program will ensure you are asking the right questions from multiple perspectives. Use your limited time to gather only the most important data to build your vision for the applications department.
  • Build Your Vision: Our diagnostics and tools will help you build a clear vision and roadmap in your first 100 days as a leader. Our roadmap will prioritize future-state capabilities so you can successfully implement your vision in the next 100 days.

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Published: October 13, 2016
Last Revised: October 13, 2016