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Purchase Storage Without Buyer's Remorse

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  • ACTS Retirement-Life Communities, Inc.
  • Black Diamond USA
  • Brethren Benefit Trust Inc.
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • CHEO Research Institute
  • The City of Terre Haute, Indiana
  • DeLorme
  • Elbit Systems of America
  • Emhart Glass
  • Enwin Utilities Ltd.
  • Farrer & Co.
  • Fresenius Medical Care
  • IT Evolution
  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  • MLCC Liquor Marts
  • Mr. Lube
  • NGL Insurance Group
  • Storage is a big ticket item that often only gets purchased every three to five years. Many buyers focus on capital costs and rely on vendors for scoping of requirements leading to overspending and buyer’s remorse.
  • Three-quarters of storage buyers are dissatisfied with at least one aspect of their most recent storage purchase, and over 40% of organizations switched vendors, making it critical to understand the market and the important factors to avoiding buyer’s remorse.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Know where to negotiate on price. Many organizations spend as much or more effort on negotiating a better price as they do on assessing current and future requirements; yet, more than 35% of organizations report dissatisfaction with hardware, software, and/or maintenance and support costs from their most recent purchase.
  • Understand support agreements and vendor offerings. Organizations satisfied with their storage purchase spent more effort evaluating support capabilities of vendors and assessing current and future requirements.
  • Determine costs to scale-up your storage. More than 35% of organizations report dissatisfaction with costs to scale their solutions by adding disks or disk trays, following their initial contract, making it crucial to establish scaling costs with your vendor.

Impact and Result

  • Get peace of mind knowing that the quote you’re about to sign delivers the solution and capabilities around software and support that you think you are getting.
  • Understand contract discounting levels and get advice around where further discounting can be negotiated with the reseller.
  • Future-proof your purchase by capitalizing on Info-Tech’s exposure to other clients’ past experiences.

Research & Tools

1. Purchase storage without buyer's remorse

Ensure the purchase is the lowest cost with fewest future headaches.

2. Evaluate storage vendors and their product capabilities

Select the most appropriate offering for business needs at a competitive price point.

3. Ensure vendors reveal all details regarding strengths and weaknesses

Get the lowest priced feature set for the selected product.

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Published: April 23, 2012
Last Revised: April 23, 2012

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