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Develop IT Staff Capabilities

Look to staff development as an essential win-win investment, not a discretionary luxury.

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  • Dale Cobble, PTRC
  • Pedro Petrus, Transnet
  • Number of individuals who completed a survey: 91 Professionals contributed information that assisted with the development of this solution set.
  • IT professionals must be aware of five emerging trends that are changing the IT skills landscape: mobility, cloud, big data, social media, and security.
  • Training is needed to acquire these skills if IT is to effectively maximize the company‚Äôs technology investments.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Each of the five trends requires a specific training tactic.
  • Gauge training effectiveness using increases in employee performance and morale.
  • Integrate training with performance management to hold IT staff accountable for applying the skills and knowledge taught in training sessions to their roles.
  • A training plan must be well-executed to improve both organizational performance and employee engagement.

Impact and Result

  • A well-defined training program addresses key skill set gaps so required skills will be readily available for use on business initiatives.
  • Training opportunities will help to maintain currency on business-critical technologies, whether this is a deeper understanding of existing technologies or preparation for new technologies.
  • Training will help maintain adequate levels of performance during periods of business and technology change.

Research & Tools

1. Put a comprehensive training plan in place for permanent staff

Improve weak performance and staff engagement, and maintain adequate performance and engagement during periods of significant change.

2. Develop a training business case

Select the appropriate delivery vehicle for common training requirements and estimate the investment required.

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