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Reimagine Learning in the Face of Crisis

Act quickly to provide learning that supports shifting priorities.

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Your Challenge

  • As organizations re-evaluate their priorities and shift to new ways of working, leaders and employees are challenged to navigate unchartered territory and to adjust quickly to ever-evolving priorities.
  • Learning how to perform effectively through the crisis and deliver on new priorities is crucial to the success of all employees and the organization.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

The most successful organizations recognize that learning is critical to adjusting quickly and effectively to their new reality. This requires L&D to reimagine their approach to deliver learning that enables the organization’s immediate and evolving priorities.

Impact and Result

  • L&D teams should focus on how to support employees and managers to develop the critical competencies they need to successfully perform through the crisis, enabling organizations to survive and thrive during and beyond the crisis.
  • Ensure learning needs align closely with evolving organizational priorities, collaborate cross-functionally, and curate content to provide the learning employees and leaders need most, when they need it.

Research & Tools

1. Prioritize

Involve key stakeholders, identify immediate priorities, and conduct high-level triage of L&D.

2. Reimagine

Determine learning needs and ability to realistically deliver learning. Leverage existing or curate learning content that can support learning needs.

3. Transform

Identify technical requirements for the chosen delivery method and draft a four- to six-week action plan.

Guided Implementations

This guided implementation is a two call advisory process.

Call #1 - Identify organizational priorities and triage learning and development to align with immediate learning priorities.
Call #2 - Reimagine learning in the face of crisis by curating and adapting learning content quickly to meet the learner’s needs.
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