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Develop Necessary Documentation for GDPR Compliance

A quick reference guide for retention, privacy, cookies, and the data protection officer role.

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Your Challenge

  • It can be an overwhelming challenge to understand what documentation is required under the GDPR.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Hiring the right data protection officer (DPO) isn’t always easy. The person you think might be best may result in a conflict of interest. Be aware of all requirements and be objective when hiring for this role.
  • Keep retention to the bare minimum. Limiting the amount of data you are responsible for limits your liability for protecting it.
  • Under the GDPR, cookies constitute personal data. They require a standalone policy, separate from the privacy policy. Ensure pop-up cookie notification banners require active consent and give users the clear opportunity to reject them.

Impact and Result

  • Save time developing documents by leveraging ready-to-go templates for the DPO job description, retention documents, privacy notice, and cookie policy.
  • Establishing GDPR-compliance documentation will set the foundation for an overall compliant program.

Research & Tools

1. Hire a data protection officer

Understand the need for a DPO and what qualities to look for in a strong candidate.

2. Define retention requirements

Understand your data retention requirements under the GDPR. Develop the necessary documentation.

3. Develop privacy and cookie policies

Understand your website or application’s GDPR requirements to inform users on how you process their personal data and how cookies are used. Develop the necessary documentation.

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