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Webinar: Prepare for Negotiations More Effectively

This webinar explores 12 steps for better negotiation preparation, 10 elements of implementing your negotiation strategy, and ways to improve...
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Webinar: Explore the Secrets of Workday Licensing

Organizations examining a move to Workday or renewing a contract often struggle to gain information and leverage in the negotiation process on...
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Webinar: The Art of Creating a Quality RFP

A request for proposal (RFP) is a systematic and proactive approach to vendor selection. When done right, it will maximize your negotiation...
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Discover Microsoft SQL Server 2012: A Quick Primer

This primer provides a quick look at the features and licensing of SQL Server 2012, and addresses any caveats associated with upgrading from an...
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Cisco Collaboration Summit 2011 Wrap-Up

Cisco held its annual Collaboration Summit in Miami in November 2011. Cisco executives and subject matter experts, partners, customers,...
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Adobe Max 2011 Highlights

Like previous Adobe Max conferences, Max 2011 was vibrant and hopping with the energy of many passionate developers and designers. The overall...
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Virtual Appliances Can Deliver Physical Appliance Performance

As every new generation of hardware brings performance boosts--especially faster processors, RAM, and solid state drives--virtual appliance...
820c01a474d3b326a7a137cce1314339 large Not Your Father's CRM Anymore

At Dreamforce 2011, unveiled more capabilities in the areas of enterprise collaboration and platform as a service (PaaS). The...
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vNetworks: Software VLANs without Borders

Virtual networks, or vNetworks, are coming on the scene to solve the problem of managing public cloud servers as a disparate network. When you...
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