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Secure Your Hybrid Workforce

The internet is the new corporate network opening organizations to more risks not protected by the current security stack. Using infotech methodology of zero trust is a...

Build Resilience Against Ransomware Attacks

Sophisticated ransomware attacks are increasing and evolving quickly. Build a plan to improve ransomware resilience. Assess your ransomware readiness and implement...
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Secure IT/OT Convergence

Secure IT/OT convergence is a negotiation between IT and OT. The essential initial step is to begin with a communication, followed by governing and managing security...

Passwordless Authentication

End users have 191 passwords to remember – can infrastructure and operations make life better for users while actually enhancing security? Understand the realizable...

Prepare for PCI DSS v4.0

In March of 2022 the PCI Security Standards Council published version 4.0 of the PCI Data Security Standard. This client advisory deck will guide members through...

Privacy by Design for Digital Marketing

This research will help you embed privacy by design principles into the digital marketing lifecycle and processes to enable business growth while managing data protection...

Develop and Deploy Security Policies

Informal, un-rationalized, ad hoc policies are ineffective because they do not explicitly outline responsibilities or compliance requirements, and they are rarely...
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Build a Service-Based Security Resourcing Plan

The blueprint will help you to define your security roles, service offerings, estimate service demand, and determine required FTEs.
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Build an Effective Data Retention Program

This research will help you to determine data retention requirements, create a retention schedule, identify at-risk data, and manage manual data deletion.
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Build a Security Compliance Program

Mastering a cost-effective approach to cybersecurity and data protection compliance can provide organizations with a clear strategic advantage. Take control of your...
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