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Is Low-Code Development the Right Approach for My Organization?

Low-code development platforms make it easy to build business applications using intuitive graphical user interfaces and process flows without the costs of traditional...

Yes, You Should Do APM. Yes, It’s Getting Harder.

Application performance management (APM) is hard, but necessary. The vendor space is expanding because it addresses a real need.

Threat Landscape Briefing – June 2019

This monthly recording covers topics such as cyber threat and regulatory trends, nation states, cyber criminals, hacktivists campaigns, data breaches, control strategies,...

JDA Workforce Management #1 in Usability?

Looking at software vendor capability through a single lens may result in a limited view of a vendor. Using at least two dimensions of comparison will provide a more...

Infinidat Promises Storage Bigger, Faster, Cheaper

Want large quantities of high-performance storage at a fraction of the usual cost? That’s what Infinidat is promising its customers.

JIRA 8.0 Addresses the Need for Speed

Atlassian recently released JIRA 8.0 with the promise of much quicker application processing time and the ability to use the application on personal electronic devices.

Dual Screen Laptops Will Open the Door to Enterprise IT Innovation

At COMPUTEX 2019, Intel, Asus, and HP unveiled gaming laptop prototypes with two screens. Start a proof-of-concept now to boost your innovation credibility.

Canadian Law Firms Collaborate With OpenLaw on the Ethereum Platform to Automate M&A Escrow Agreements

Even though Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin thinks the term “smart contract” is a misnomer for the technology he helped build, a pilot project by Canadian law firms...

AWS Pushes Unlikely Competitors Into “Frenemy” Territory

Microsoft and Oracle join forces to provide interoperability across their public cloud environments. Customers of both organizations are now untethered and can run Azure...

Allscripts Buys Prescription Drug Start-Up

Medical software vendor Allscripts has acquired the prescription management start-up ZappRx. Allscripts will include ZappRx software’s functionality in a new update to...
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