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Author(s): Manish Jain

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Incredible advancements in technology over the three decades have fundamentally reshaped IT’s role in organizations – from being perceived merely as “a means to an end,” it is now “a way to reimagine the end itself.”

While IT has undergone a significant transformation in value delivery by adopting an incremental approach, many organizations still rely on outdated, inflexible funding practices to support their IT initiatives.

These conventional funding models, rooted in asset-heavy industries and a fixed mindset, struggle to keep pace with the rapid changes and inherent unpredictability of technology. Consequently, there arises a pressing need to identify and adopt the right and flexible funding model that can support an organization's IT initiatives in delivering strategic value.

This blueprint aims to assist Chief Information and Digital Officers (CIOs/CDOs) in exploring the various options available, enabling them to select the one that aligns best with their organization's requirements, and subsequently facilitating alignment with other stakeholders.

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Develop a Flexible IT Funding Model

Unlock the right funding for the right initiative at the right time.

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