Infrastructure & Operations

Ayehu Bridges Gap Between IT Ops and Sec Ops

Ayehu is working to bridge the gap between IT Operations and Security Operations. We expect to see more vendor product offerings follow suit.

Microsoft Drops Azure Archive Storage Pricing

Microsoft recently announced a reduction in the cost of Azure Archive Storage, its solution for “rarely accessed data with flexible latency requirements.” For anyone...

Be Wary of Adopting a Virtual Assistant in Your Business Environment

Siri, Google, Cortana, and Alexa are always listening. This isn’t news. However, workers at Apple have access and have been reportedly listening in on more private...

EPYC Changes: Google Brings AMD EPYC Hardware to Its Cloud Customers

Google Cloud has announced a partnership with AMD to bring that company’s EPYC processors to its customers. Cloud nerds rejoice! According to Google, “These will be the...

Global Unified Communications Market to Be Worth $167.1 Billion by 2025

The global unified communications market will have an anticipated worth of US$167.1 billion by 2025.

Hacker Compromises Data of 106 Million Capital One Customers

A hacker has compromised 106 million Capital One customers after a data breach. But the real story might be less to do with cloud security itself and more to do with...

Capital One’s Cloud Custodian: A Surprising Answer to Governance Questions

Capital One’s Cloud Custodian is an open source governance, security, and compliance engine for cloud services that will give users the tools necessary to enforce cloud...

Roadmap Tool

Use this lightweight tool to prioritize and track timelines, owners, progress, and more for action items and projects.

Reimagine IT Operations for a Cloud-First World Project Recap Template

Summarize findings from your project to build an effective, cloud-ready IT operations team.

How Skype Could Ruin Microsoft’s Messaging Cannibalization Plans

Microsoft Corp’s planned cannibalization of Skype for Business by Microsoft Teams looks to be going as designed, but one threat from Slack is still lurking to steal some...
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