Infrastructure & Operations

Build a Continual Improvement Plan for the Service Desk – Phase 1: Focus the Continual Improvement Plan

This phase of the blueprint, Focus the Continual Improvement Plan, will help you identify key areas of improvement and how to measure them, and gain support for the...

Improve IT-Business Alignment Through an Internal SLA – Phases 1-3

Understand business requirements, clarify current capabilities, and enable strategies to close service level gaps.

Service Desk Extension Feasibility Assessment Tool

The purpose of the Service Desk Extension Feasibility Assessment Tool is to assess whether IT is ready to extend the service desk to other business functions, whether a...

Storyboard: Create a Configuration Management Roadmap

A CMDB is only as valuable as the processes it supports. Before you invest, identify the IT processes that will be improved through use of a CMDB. With a good roadmap,...

Shared Services Implementation Business Case Template

When implementing a shared services model, it is integral to ensure that all stakeholders involved in the process are on board with the project. All objectives, benefits,...

Build an ITSM Tool Implementation Plan – Phase 3: Design, Build, and Test the ITSM Tool

This phase of the blueprint, Build an ITSM Tool Implementation Plan, will help you build and test your ITSM tool.

Storyboard: Implement Crisis Management Best Practices

Implement an effective crisis response plan to minimize the impact on business continuity, reputation, and profitability.

Choose and Implement a Mobile Strategy – Phase 3: Develop Initiatives and Finalize the Mobile Strategy

Craft a plan to implement the mobile strategy.

DR Test Plan Active Testing Handbook

Identify and document all the resources necessary to support the facilitator during an active DR test.

DR Solution TCO Comparison Tool

Conduct a cost analysis based on your specific situation. This worksheet captures example data and provides a framework for how to document the TCO for each deployment model.
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