Infrastructure & Operations

Improve IT Operations Management – Phase 2: Define and Validate the Service Level Requirements

Effective IT operations management is a result of efficient service level management. Ensure that your organization has the appropriate service level agreements in place...

Modernize the Data Center with SDI: Communications Report Template

Use this template to communicate to stakeholders the various project creation and project planning tool outcomes that are part of your data center modernization planning...

Expense Process

The purpose of the Expense Process workflow is to provide an example to help you build your own workflows for non-IT services.

Adopt Lean IT to Streamline the Service Desk – Phases 1-3

Use this storyboard to review and evaluate key processes and services, and manage the progress of improvement initiatives.

DRP Recovery Workflow Template

Build your own current state and desired state DRP recovery workflow based on Info-Tech's template.

Wireless LAN Task Monitoring Tool

Moving from planning your WLAN build or refresh to actually executing the project is a big step. Ease the transition by breaking the process down into steps, and...

Printer Configuration Item Record

Use this template to record information about each of your printers.

Organizational Learning Guide

Identify lessons learned from a crisis or crisis management plan testing exercise.

Vendor Landscape Storyboard: Mid-Market Service Desk

Use this vendor landscape to understand the service desk vendors in the mid-market, evaluate the vendors and their products against your organization’s needs, and...

Prepare and Defend Against a Software Audit – Phase 2: Prepare for an Audit

This phase of the blueprint, Prepare and Defend Against a Software Audit, will help you take decisive action when an audit request is received.
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