ITAM Assessment Tool

Use this tool to conduct a comprehensive current state assessment of each existing ITAM program across locations.

ITAM Assessment Scorecard Tool

Use this tool to compare the current state of ITAM in each location, identify best practices and weaknesses, and decide how to consolidate assets and management of those...

SAM Maturity Assessment Tool

This tool is designed to help organizations assess the maturity of their SAM practice and determine an organizational profile to base their SAM strategy efforts on.

Effective License Position Template

This tool is designed to help organizations gather licensing data.

Software License Rationalization Roadmap

This tool is designed to help organizations plan their license management tasks.

Audit Defense Maturity Assessment Tool

This template will examine the maturity of your current audit preparedness and software asset management practices.

IT Asset Management Roadmap

This tool will assist you in the planning and implementation of your ITAM program.

ITAM Vendor Shortlist Tool

Use this shortlist tool to compare ITAM vendors with weightings that meet your solution requirements.

Effective Licensing Position Tool

This template will help you create an effective licensing position and determine your compliance position.

Audit Defense Readiness Assessment

This template will provide you with a checklist to ensure all appropriate tasks have been completed.
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